Sea Cottages achieves Gold Certification through Audubon International Green Lodging Program

The certificate that presents the Gold Certification to the Sea Cottages of Amelia that states "Be it known that Sea Cottages of Amelia has met the criteria set forth by the Green Lodging Program and has achieved Gold Certification for accomplishments in sustainable natural resource management and environmental stewardship. Certification issues May 18, 2023

The Sea Cottages of Amelia is honored to have achieved Gold Certification by the Audubon International Green Lodging Program for accomplishments in sustainable natural resource management and environmental stewardship!

Sea Cottages of Amelia was one of five Amelia Island hotels who were awarded this year during a ceremony at the Springhill Suites by Marriott. Thanks to Chief Operating Officer, Fred Realbuto, and everyone who organized the event as well as Springhill Suites for hosting!

The Green Lodging Program provides third-party on-site verification that lodging facilities, including Sea Cottages of Amelia, have met environmental best practice standards and have demonstrated a strong commitment to the categories of Communication and Education, Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, and Waste Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling.

In addition to our Audubon Certification, the Sea Cottages of Amelia received a One Palm Designation from the State of Florida’s Green Lodging program in 2022.

Everyone from the hotels who were awarded standing by in front of the pool at Springhill Suites, showing off their certificates.

*After our on-site visit & inspection we met the qualifications for gold, but you’ll notice for the ceremony we had a stand-in silver certificate. The certificate was accepted by one of our owners, Phil Griffin.

Owner of Sea Cottages of Amelia, Phil Griffin, holding up the temporary certification awarded at the ceremony

Environmentally friendly practices have been implemented throughout our hotel. The following represent just a few of the “green” initiatives we currently have in place as well as green aspects of our design:

  1. Donate excess food, toiletry items, furniture, and linens to local charities and shelters
  2. Recycle plastic, glass, cardboard, aluminum, and paper products
  3. Use energy efficient choices for lighting, appliances, office equipment, and heating/cooling.
  4. Xeriscape is using plants requiring little water or care. Many of the plants around the site have drip irrigation so as to avoid a lot of overspray from sprinklers.
  5. The construction of the Sea Cottages was designed to preserve 38 out of 41 of the original trees on the property
  6. The parking lot was designed to use pebbles instead of concrete, so as not to generate more heat.